Elfit Arabia deals in various Commercial, Military and Industrial grade ropes which are developed at our modern unit utilizing the advanced production techniques.Most of these products can be custom made according to the client specifications.


PP (Polypropylene) Rope

The PP ropes, offered by us, is developed at our modern unit utilizing the advanced production techniques. The length, weigh, diameter, color of the PP ropes can be customized as per the details specified by the buyer.

PP ropes, offered by Elfit is in ranges from 6 mm to 48mm and available in 3 strands, 4 strands, 8 strands. We assure our PP ropes can be used under the sun light and its UV protected.

HDPE (High Density polyethylene) ROPE

Elfit is coming with the widest range of production deal in 2mm to 48mm in 3 strands and ranges from 8 mm to 20 mm in 4 strands in different colors. We are using the raw material from Sabic, brouge and other internationally renowned parts.

other types of rope

Polypropylene multifilament ropes made of multitex bare soft, hold knots well, and are suitable both for leisure (camping, yachting) and for work. Because they are soft and are available in a variety of colors (we are able to produce according to customer’s wish), they are also suitable as ropes for cable railings or as other interior design element.If required by the customer, the rope can be treated with an additional special impregnating agent to extend its service life

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