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Cable Drum Lifting Jacks

Jacks are primarily used for lifting cable drums. Because of the dynamic nature, we provide different kinds of jacks for lifting various kinds of cable drums. As an approach towards working with ease, most variety of the jacks are provided with hydraulic bottles so that the lifting process is made to look as simple as possible and is performed at a quicker pace. There are total of 4 models. i.e. Hydraulic Jack, Screw Jack, Heavy Duty Jack and Tower Type Jack.

Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Jacks are manufactured with the ability of lift cable drums that weigh 5 Tonnes, 10 Tonnes and 15 Tonnes respectively. The Jacks are placed on a heavy duty ground plate and solid trusts fitted with wheels for easy transportation and complete with spindle and fixing clamps. The Hydraulic Jack can be provided also in a 3 Ton model.

Capacity/Pair Drum Min Drum Max Weight/Pair
5 ton 0.8 m 2.4 m 105KgX2Ea
10 ton 0.8 m 2.4 m 105KgX2Ea
15 ton 1 m 2.8 m 225KgX2Ea
Screw Jack

The Screw Jacks due to limited size is simple to operate and is easily portable. The Screw Jack’s axle jaw is placed on a thin ground plate thereby making it the easiest among the jacks to be transported. The Screw Jacks are capable of lifting cable drums that weigh 3 Tonnes, 6 Tonnes, 8 Tonnes and 10 Tonnes respectively. It however doesn’t come with a hydraulic bottle jack. Steel Spindles are provided as well.

Capacity/Pair Drum Min Drum Max Weight/Pair
3 ton 1.05 m 1.6 m 25KgX2Ea
6 ton 1.35 m 2 m 30KgX2Ea
8 ton 1.65 m 2.2 m 50KgX2Ea
10 ton 1.8 m 2.5 m 60KgX2Ea
Jacks - Tower Type

The Tower Type Jacks being very unique in its appearance is made with heavy duty steel bars placed around and below as well. A hydraulic bottle jack along with steel Spindles is provided thereby making lifting process easy. This jack can lift drums that weigh upto 15 Tonnes and 20 Tonnes.

Capacity/Pair Drum Min Drum Max Weight/Pair
20 ton 1.5 m 3.4 m 205KgX2Ea
Heavy Duty Jacks

The Heavy Duty Jacks as the name suggests serves to lift the heaviest Cable Drums. It’s structure resembles that of a Screw Jack but placed on a heavy duty ground plate, balanced by heavy duty bars around and is provided with a hydraulic bottle jack. Due to its heaviness, it requires heavy machines to transport as well, but is capable of lifting drums that weigh 25 Tonnes and 30 Tonnes along with Steel Spindles. Upon customer request 50 Ton Jack can also be made.

Capacity/Pair Drum Max Weight/Pair
30 ton 4 m 325KgX2Ea


This includes the various accessories that are given along with the different types of jacks and some of the them that can be used as an additional option.
The accessories include:-


A Plinth serves a stand for Screw Jack in order to increase its height.

Description Weight Kg
For Spindle 50-60 mm 1.60
For Spindle 80-90 mm 125 Kg X 2 Ea
For Spindle 100-130 mm 225 Kg X 2 Ea
Jack Capacity Dia.X Length Size - mm Weight Kg
Hyd.Jack 5T 70 X 2800 - Solid 90
Hyd. Jack 10T 90 X 3000 - Solid 130
Screw Jack 3T 50 X 1200 - Solid 19
Screw Jack 6T 70 X 2000 - Solid 65
Screw Jack 8T 80 X 2000 - Solid 79
Hyd. H.D. 30T 130 X 4000 - Solid 422
Tower Jack 20T 115 X 3000 - Solid 185


The Cable drum Equipments includes those items that are used for holding and transporting cable drums from one place to another. The Equipments mainly include Cable Drum Rotators (Heavy Duty and Light Duty), Cable Drum Carrier and Universal Cable Drum Stand.

The Cable Drum Rotators primary purpose is to hold the cable drums steadily without causing movement to them.


The Heavy Duty is suitable for cable drums of weight upto 1500kg. The distance between the rails or rollers is adjustable to different cable drum widths

Length Width Drum Dia Min Drum Dia Max Weight (kg) Width
1000 mm 225 mm 300 2400 83 Kg 120 mm
Cable Drum Rotators - Light Duty

The Light Duty is suitable for cable drums of weight upto 200kg. The Light Duty’s rails or rollers can also be adjusted depending upon the drums widths.

Length Width Drum Dia Min Drum Dia Max Weight (kg)
630 mm 550 mm 120 750 18 Kg

The Cable Drum Carrier is used to move or maneuver the Cable Drums easily around the cable yard. It mainly consists of a light duty steel bars placed in shape of a box to carry the cable drums and is fitted with 4 PU wheels for easy movement.

Drum Diameter Drum Width Weight (kg)
1750 mm 930 mm 51
Universal Cable Drum Stand

The Universal Cable Drum Stand is mainly used for holding drums. The Cable Drum Stand is made with Steel bars and is made to be portable. The compact folding design of the drum stand makes it easy to be fitted into any vehicle and can be transported easily as well.

Drum DiaMeter Drum Width Weight (kg)
600 mm 500 mm 7
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